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Action, adventure, and powers collide when a teenage boy with a heavy metal obsession is hurled head-first into the world of Supers – a world he’s been desperately trying to escape.

Tom Hadley’s quest to follow in the footsteps of his idol and become the world’s most famous drummer is put on hold when he meets Obie, a strange little boy with a terrible haircut and extraordinary powers.

Obie is a Super, and all Supers must register with the Conservatory, a controversial government department whose agents inspire fear and admiration in equal measure. Those that refuse to comply face consequences ranging from the ghastly to the downright gruesome. Terrified that his lack of control will see him thrown inside Iron Mountain – a notorious prison with a dark and terrible history - Obie is desperate to keep his powers under wraps, a secret he entrusts to no one but Tom.

When Obie’s true nature is exposed, Tom must fight to save him from the clutches of a fearsome Conservatory agent and his Thumpers, professional Super hunters with a frightening reputation and an arsenal of barely legal weaponry. Even more formidable is the agent’s daughter; classmate, valedictorian, and aspiring megalomaniac, Nicole Milch will stop at nothing to win her father’s approval.

To save Obie, Tom will be forced to navigate a world of spectacular powers, all the while being drawn into a dangerous conspiracy involving a murdered Super, powerful heroes, and a mystery that will bring him face to face with Iron Mountain’s most infamous inmate - his estranged father.

Thunderhead launches a new superhero/adventure series that transports readers into a rich, imaginative world packed with action, humor, and earth-shattering powers.

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