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I met Rob Price many years ago while propping up the reception desk at a recreation centre/bacteria frappe (seriously, don't go near the spa) in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Every subsequent conversation I’ve had with him has either involved a minor revelations about his past or had me in stitches. He’s the type of guy who’s seemingly done it all, whether it’s strutting his stuff on Countdown (an iconic Australian music showcase in the 70s/80s), living as a struggling artist in NYC, touring as a backup singer for one of Australia’s greatest rock bands (Australian Crawl. 'Reckless' just might be my all-time favourite Aussie track), running a successful café, writing children’s books, opening a bar, or simply charming the pants off everyone he meets (quite literally, according to him). He's also popped up in a bunch of Australian movies, tv series, and a handful of commericals. Like I said, he's done it all. Suffice to say, I wasn’t at all surprised to learn he’s been sitting on an unreleased solo album for the past 25 years. Check it out. It’s gloriously 80s:

More Rob. Pat Benatar never wore so much eyeliner:

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